In Defense of the Word of Faith

In Defense of the Word of Faith

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Katrina: Beautiful, bright and talented, she grew from a beautiful child into a beautiful woman. As the youngest in the family she grew up with two adoring, protective brothers. They, as well as everyone else recognized that she was special perfect, actually. Nathan: A handsome replica of his father, he grew up to be exactly what his father had hoped for the perfect son. He was the source of his parents' pride. His brother was the opposite end of the spectrum. Suffering from mental problems, Steven's actions cast a shadow over the family for much of Nathan's childhood and adolescent years. Katrina and Nathan: A wicked twist of fate brought them together, and they are perfect for each other. Their life is beautiful perfect. Another wicked twist of fate tears them apart. Or does it?She continued by saying, aquot;A lot of people said that they had faith for something, then they got into extreme, exorbitant debt, ... she knew, she continued by saying, aquot;At one time Fred Price wrote a book called Faith, Foolishness or Presumption.

Title:In Defense of the Word of Faith
Author:Timothy Sims
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-11-01


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