Improving Your Memory

Improving Your Memory

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Do you have trouble finding your keys or recalling a familiar name? Do you arrive home from the grocery store without all the items you needed to buy? Are you worried that this kind of forgetfulness will become a more serious problem over time? This book - with its clear explanation of how memory works and its variety of simple strategies to improve memory - will help you do something about this common concern. The first edition of Improving Your Memory received rave reviews in the national media and enthusiastic endorsements from the thousands who benefited from its advice. This revised edition builds on the strengths of the original - it's still fun and easy to read - and now includes even more practical information and proven methods to improve memory for people of all ages. Improving Your Memory will help you with memory improvement techniques that work - and are fun and easy to use; step-by-step descriptions of how to use strategies such as written reminders, the story method, first letter cues, and alphabet search; self-assessment exercises and clear explanations of how the memory process works and how it changes over time; and facts about stress, nutrition, medication, depression, physical illness, and other factors that affect memory. As Americans have become more active and health-conscious in recent years, attitudes about aging have changed dramatically. But, surprisingly, many people still believe that serious memory loss is a natural part of the aging process. Improving Your Memory separates fact from fiction. It explains that, while memory changes do occur as people age, nearly everyone's memory skills can be improved with training and practice. With detailed informationand practical strategies for coping with memory changes, this book is an essential resource.Imagine your car being towed with a cord. 3. Visualize a ... Visualize five balloons tied to your car antenna. 5. Visualize yourself paying ... Change. (pages. 114a€“ 115). 1. Put the laptop in front of the door as soon as you think about returning it. 2.

Title:Improving Your Memory
Author:Janet Fogler, Lynn Stern
Publisher:JHU Press - 2014-10-22


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