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If choosing a soul mate were a life-or-death decision, would you choose more carefully? What would you do if you made the wrong choice-and a loved one died as a result? How would you feel if the person you loved didn't love you back-and it cost you everything? You would think these choices would be easy for Chloe Davenport, a young girl born with the powers of impression. Chloe can read people's intentions. She knows a person's true nature. It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and for young Chloe, that's about to come true. At great cost, she will learn a painful lesson. What was once a valuable gift now seems like more of a curse. Her impressions fooled, her desires heightened, her instincts distorted, she doesn't know what's real and what's a dangerous lie. She doesn't know how special she is-or how dangerous these abilities can be. And now, she's torn between two perfect guys. Caught in a fight for her life and true love, Chloe must learn to trust herself before it's too late. As her impressions grow stronger, she does too. But will she be strong enough to know the truth when-and if-it is ever revealed?I step off the side of the road only to see Noaha#39;s jeep heading in my direction. ... I walk over to his jeep, propping my elbows on the passenger side door. a€œI really didna#39;t ... The jeep had a lift kit, so I had to use the step bar on the side to climb in.

Author:Kathryn Carpenter
Publisher:Archway Publishing - 2015-04-06


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