Implicit Leadership Theories

Implicit Leadership Theories

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This book is the third volume in the Leadership Horizons series. This series, started by Jim Meindl, is devoted to new developments in theory and research on leadership within the context of continuing and emerging organizational issues. In this spirit, the present volume delves into implicit leadership theories (ILTs), and opens intriguing new avenues for research on ILTs, but does so while maintaining an eye on the past. For example, the book offers valuable historical perspectives from those who were qthereq-Dov Eden and Uriel Leviatan share the inside scoop on the origination of the concept of ILTs, and Bob Lord traces the evolution of social-cognitive perspectives with respect to work on ILTs-while all authors raise interesting questions and offer important new directions to advance this work well into the future. It features a wide range of scholars and perspectives, and practical implications are implicit and explicit throughout the volume. The book offers a valuable resource for researchers, students, and practitioners interested in leadership and social cognition in the workplace.Essays and Explorations Birgit Schyns, James R. Meindl ... Person or personality schemas (or implicit personality theories, IPT; Bruner aamp; Tagiuri, 1954) constitute a different type of schema used in judging others, A personality schema containsanbsp;...

Title:Implicit Leadership Theories
Author:Birgit Schyns, James R. Meindl
Publisher:IAP - 2005-01-01


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