I'm not stressed

I'm not stressed

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Are you stressed? The workplace has become increasingly competitive, family life has its never-ending complications, and when you step outside, you have to deal with heavy traffic, aggression, and massive pollution. No wonder that youA•re tense and agitated, have hyper reflexes and blood pressure thatA•s higher than the midday sun. But youA•re not alone. Fifty percent of Indian professionals suffer from stress with stress-related diseases from depression to lack of fertility drastically on the rise. In IA•m Not Stressed, Deanne Panday, one of the countryA•s leading health and fitness experts, shares with you her secrets to tackle this looming lifestyle problem. She tells you what stress really means, how to know when you have a serious case of it, and most importantly how to deal with it through a simple plan of diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, and breathing. With advice from leading psychiatrists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, and celebrities who have to deal with high-level stress, IA•m Not Stressed is your mantra for enduring health and happiness.Duration: 30 minutes to an hour This workout combines resistance training/ strength training. You go through one exercise a#39;circuita#39; where you complete all the prescribed exercises. Following that, you start the circuit again. This helps build youranbsp;...

Title:I'm not stressed
Author:Deanne Panday
Publisher:Random House India - 2011


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