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From Roots to Rogers, Tim Hortons to Cirque du Soleil, Ikonica is a witty, thoughtful tour of the prime movers, triumphs, and flops of Canada's complex qbrandscape.q The first book to explore the country's rich and unique brand heritage as well as emerging trends, Ikonica draws on authors Jeannette Hanna's and Alan Middleton's years of experience as brand strategists. They profile global players like Four Seasons Hotels, domestic upstarts like WestJet, and everything in between. The book includes interviews with major business and cultural figures such as Paul House (Tim Hortons), Robert Milton (Air Canada), Fred Schaeffer (McCain), and William Thorsell (Royal Ontario Museum). The authors also offer a provocative analysis of what it takes for Canadian brands to qpunch above their weightq in the economic minefield that is today's global marketplace. Pop packaging and 150 vibrant illustrations make Ikonica as appealing to students of culture as to businesspeople, marketers, and corporate history buffs.A Field Guide to Canadaa#39;s Brandscape Jeanette Hanna, Alan C. Middleton ... 144 ; being sensitive to, 189-90, 194; and identity, 49, 123, 215-16; at Rogers, 192, 194; at Roots, 123; at Scotiabank, 170; at Siemens ... 65, 195 Right to Play, 35, 67 nsk management, 62, 66, 200, 220 Ritz Carlton, 66 Robertson, P.L, 40 Robinson, Peter, 72 Rogers ... 26, 75, 157, 166-71 Seagrams, 26, 40 Second Cup, 65 service costs, 57, 144, 148 service stones: at Aeroplan, 1 55; at Canadian Tire, 1 1 7;anbsp;...

Author:Jeanette Hanna, Alan C. Middleton
Publisher:Douglas & McIntyre - 2008


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