Ignition, Timing And Valve Setting

Ignition, Timing And Valve Setting

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a€œ ... The object of this treatise is to equip the reader with such a knowledge of the interesting subject of Ignition that he will be able to handle his own particular apparatus with intelligence and skill. The mere consciousness that he understands the principles and construction of his ignition devices will add immensely to his comfort on the road, giving him greater confidence in himself as a driver and stripping the ignition bogey of most of its terrors. Then, too, the very practical sections on Timing and Valve Setting will enable the intelligent reader to make all necessary adjustments of his ignition apparatus and should save many a garage bill. All the systems of ignition in present use are described and illustrated in this work and particular attention is called to the elucidation of the magneto system both high and low tension methods being described in detail in terms that he who runs (a motor-car) may read ...a€ (1909) - The AuthorA Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Self-Instruction for Automobile Owners, Operators, Repairmen, and All Interested in ... In usual practice, with the voltage of current generally used for motor engine ignition, the distance between these twoanbsp;...

Title:Ignition, Timing And Valve Setting
Author:Thomas Herbert Russell
Publisher:Edizioni Savine - 2014-01-20


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