If You’re Gonna Be Stupid, You’ve Gotta Be Tough!

If You’re Gonna Be Stupid, You’ve Gotta Be Tough!

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The Cleburne County Search and Rescue Team recently found and saved a man lost on Mt. Cheaha in Alabama. The man had set out with his wife and kids on the difficult Pinhoti Trail, but once the wife and kids headed back, the man continued on. When he didna€™t return, his wife panicked and called in the search squada€”who eventually found a man in his fifties, weighing about three hundred pounds, wearing leg braces, and using crutches. This story just goes to show that if youa€™re gonna be stupid, youa€™ve gotta be tough. Author Bob Cole knows all about it. He grew up on a farm in rural Georgia and used to have to chase cows before getting on the bus for school. Smelling like manure in front of the other kids certainly added a bit of toughness. Since those days, he has worked, married, and seen the world, but through it all, the old adage about toughness and stupidity still holds true. This collection of true short stories follows Bob as he travels along the bumpy road of life. Follow him through a midlife crisis, family hijinks, meeting a new son-in-law, and on a mission trip to foreign lands (after all, stupidity is worldwide). Despite some hard timesa€”and some tough decisionsa€”Bob Cole has never lost his sense of humor, and ita€™s apparent in this collection that will keep readers laughing, crying, and actina€™ tough!Tim carried us to where he works, which is the Ford truck plant in Louisville. ... Even with the A plan discount Tim can get for me, an F250, 4x4, crew cab, short bed, with a six speed manual transmission, and a Power Stroke diesel, the price taganbsp;...

Title:If You’re Gonna Be Stupid, You’ve Gotta Be Tough!
Author:Bob Cole
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-12-05


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