Identity Theft – Do Not Be The Next Victim!

Identity Theft – Do Not Be The Next Victim!

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Identity Theft - The Evil Bermuda Triangle! Understanding identity theft protection is something that you should do. When you find something on your credit report or on your credit card statement, you may think to yourself, how did that happen? But, what you need to know is what to do to make sure that it does not happen. When you take the time to do this, you will find yourself in a better understanding of what could happen to you. Then, you can make sure that you do not see anything shocking on your reports down the road. Identity theft happens in a number of ways. You dona€™t have to actually hand out your information to anyone in order to have this happen to you. In fact, most people are not in this situation. Those that have had this happen to them generally have had it done without their actual input. For example, they may be paying for a meal at a restaurant. They trustingly hand over their credit card to the server to pay for their meal. Then, they go on their merry way. Yet, the problem here is that the waitress may have had the time to go to the workstation, jotted down your information on your credit card and then been able to use this information to make charges to your credit card. Or, perhaps it was someone else that you handed your credit card information to. If you go in to talk to someone about having a home improvement project done and provide them with your address and then pay for an estimate, they instantly have everything that they need to use your credit card. Now, generally, it is not going to be the person that you hand your card over to, but perhaps it could be someone that is less than trustworthy working for them. Many people think that credit card identity theft only happens on the web. The fact of the matter is, though, that you do not have to have this happen to you in this way. You face the same risk of identity theft on the web as you do in that restaurant. Trust is something that almost always plays a role though. In any case, learning how to protect yourself from these cases is your ultimate goal. Be sure to know when to spot someone that could potentially have the opportunity to gather your information, such as in these examples. All The Different Methods Of Identity Theft! Although there are many different methods that one can utilize to rip someone off in an identity theft type scam, there are really only two basic types of actual identity theft. The first of these is generally the easiest and most basic way for thieves to achieve their objective. An example of Account takeover is when a thief gets hold of your actual physical credit card, or perhaps just the card number and expiry date, using it to purchase services or products. This works out extremely well for the thief, as the credit card owner doesn't usually notice the additional purchases until they either receive their monthly statement in the mail or have attempted to use the card and found that it has reached the maximum limit allowed. The second type of identity theft is called Application fraud, or what is otherwise known as a€œtrue name frauda€. In order for a thief to be successful at application fraud, they must have access to a good deal of your personal information such as your Social Security Number (SSN), full name, address, place of work, salary, driver's license number, date of birth etc. Of course not all of these pieces of information would be necessary for a thief to get away with application fraud but certainly a combination of some of the above would be required. It Can Affect Anyone! Like many, you may assume that identity theft only happens to those people who might be a bit more careless when it comes to safeguarding personal information. Or perhaps you are of the mindset that because you don't really have a lot of money in your personal account or don't have credit cards with large spending limits, that identity theft thieves wouldn't necessarily target someone like yourself. Well, make no mistake about it; identity theft can happen to anyone, including you! Basically, if you have an identity (and we hope that you do) then you are susceptible. Grab a copy of this eBook, to learn more on this subject and be better informed! It is poised to giving you all the insights you required in this area!You are denied approval of a loan or credit card application, even when you know your credit is good. ... any of these warning signs, follow up immediately by contacting the credit card company, bank, or credit report agency with questions.

Title:Identity Theft – Do Not Be The Next Victim!
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