I Guarantee You Will Buy Low, Sell High and Make Money

I Guarantee You Will Buy Low, Sell High and Make Money

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igI Guarantee You Will Buy Low Sell High and Make Money offers an easy-to-learn method of playing the stock market that tells exactly when to buy and sell and how much to buy and sell to make you maximum profits with minimum risk. The perfect method for busy people as the method only takes 30 minutes a month to use. Stocks are where the big profits are and this book shows you exactly how to invest in stocks. The book also shows you how to choose the best type of stocks for this method of investing. The book is written so all investors experienced and new will easily and completely understand this investing method. This is the perfect investing method for today's up and down stock market. Here's the book to free you from emotional investing and give you a rational, logical method that tells you the right thing to do every time. You can average 20- 30% a year from this method which is designed to be used for the long haul. You've now got a method of investing you can use the rest of your life to achieve your dreams.It will tell you two important ideas - what stocks to buy and what stocks not to buy. What not to buy is easier to tell ... My second book Jeffs Buy Low Guide to Software elaborates on the best type stocks for the system. For subscription informationanbsp;...

Title:I Guarantee You Will Buy Low, Sell High and Make Money
Author:Jeffrey Weber
Publisher:Universal-Publishers - 1998-10-01


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