I Am Dianna

I Am Dianna

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Modern day Manhattan artist Dianna Dubois is experiencing Salem, Massachusetts, of the1690s in the most bizarre way possible-in nightly dreams that have the potential to kill her. She has spent a lifetime futilely seeking answers from the best doctors, the finest hospitals, the latest medicines, and exhausting therapies. With the dreams worsening, Dianna's nights are cursed with visions of death and seemingly endless suffering at the hands of angry captors determined to strip her of all love, belonging, and family, leaving her alone and desperate in the midst of a final confrontation no one sees or believes. The life she's experiencing is that of Margaret Darling, an eighteen-year-old girl living outside of Salem, Massachusetts, in the time just after the hysteria of the witch trials. Margaret must go to town to barter herbs and medicines for goods her family desperately needs-a dangerous prospect for a forest girl in tense times, when anyone can be accused of witchcraft. As Dianna frantically grasps for a lifeline with the help of her psychiatrist, Dr. Ray Williams, she wonders if he will be able to help her. Even after she discovers he has the ability to visit her dreams with her, she realizes that if the two of them do not find answers soon, she will most certainly die. In the dark of night, as different times converge as one, Dianna is willing to do anything to find peace-even so, as long as Margaret faces mortal danger, so too, does Dianna.Kat had split her time between watching the adults in all their sorrow and observing Molly, who sat quiet as a mouse, her ... as if unwilling to expend it fully a€”not just yet, as no one knew just how much the contents of the box would cost them.

Title:I Am Dianna
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08


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