Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles

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Uncover the Technology behind Hybrids and Make an Intelligent Decision When Purchasing Your Next Vehicle With one billion cars expected to be on the roads of the world in the near future, the potential for war over oil and the negative environmental effects of emissions will be greater than ever before. Now is the time to seriously consider an alternative to standard automobiles. Exploring practical solutions to these problems, Hybrid Vehicles and the Future of Personal Transportation provides broad coverage of the technologies involved in manufacturing and operating hybrids. It reviews key components of hybrid and pure electric vehicles, including batteries, fuel cells, and ultracapacitors. The book also discusses both concept and production-bound hybrids as well as the economics and safety issues of hybrid ownership. In addition, the author supplies effective tips on how to save gasoline with conventional and hybrid automobiles. Making the jargon of fuel-efficient vehicles accessible to a wide audience, this guide explains the history of hybrids, how they work, and their impact on the environment. It will help you make a sound decision concerning the purchase and operation of a hybrid or electric vehicle.The 1920s Ford Model T had driver-controlled ignition timing: a manual lever- controlled advance/retard. Later, for other cars, manual ... Yet, the 1980s controls were primitive compared to the hybrid control systems of today. The balance of theanbsp;...

Title:Hybrid Vehicles
Author:Allen Fuhs
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-09-19


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