Hunting with Tigers

Hunting with Tigers

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During the Vietnamese War, a Washington-approved sanctuary for enemy troops in Laos and Cambodia is a recipe for disaster, but a covert CIA operation made up of Special Forces volunteers deemed expendable, penetrates the borders and neutralizes the enemy's advantage. The Green Berets, Rick Barinelli, Warren Fahey, and Bob Akamura, make a pact: If any one of them goes missing, the others will commit to, qrescue, ransom, or revenge.q Barinelli, conflicted with a growing passion for a beautiful Vietnamese woman, Ai Dao, gains distinction for intel successes that disrupt the Tet Offensive and becomes known to the enemy as qthe Gray Ghostq. Hanoi orders General Wong to capture or kill him regardless of cost, and the brilliant and sadistic Wong spins an elaborate trap. He orchestrates the kidnapping of Ai Dao, but captures the headstrong Akamura instead. Now, against harrowing odds, it's up to Barinelli and Fahey to attempt their rescue. Racing to a shattering climax, Hunting With Tigers illustrates how ordinary men can rise to acts of selfless heroism within the savagery of war.Eugene Basilici ... he pointed to the right, where a pack of Honda motorbikes swung against the traffic onto a one-way street, forcing a big, Citroen sedan to slam on its brakes. Scattering pedestrians, it skidded up onto the sidewalk. a€œLike noanbsp;...

Title:Hunting with Tigers
Author:Eugene Basilici
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-01


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