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The novella is a magic with twist and turns, making you to sit at the edge of your seats on the verge of reading every chaptera€™s end to know what will be happening next. A great page turner you are going to experience with this novella on your hand. It took almost two years for the efforts of turning the work into perfection. When you read the novella, you will come to know that the writer has set even ordinary elements of life to shine bright. Reading further, you will find yourself interested in reading the closet drama alone again and again, which is presented with a kind of unseen chorus, giving the novella almost a real humoristic touch, and you will surely read it aloud in your mind and will be laughing out loud when being in solitude. You will never know of how the element of coincidences and words could play such a major role throughout, which would, perhaps, make you read the whole work again. Finally you may feel ending up as one of the character but with alterations, which you will never find elsewhere. Finally at the grand finale, you will come to know and appreciate the very versatile mind of the writer.... once, the new Toyota Etios they got from the Toyota showroom in Nellai. A photo of her whole family, and one with her elder brother, another was a one when she was at Xaviera#39;s, and so on. This didna#39;t a give proof yet? ..?..

Author:Joshua Raj
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2015-07-14


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