How We Are Governed

How We Are Governed

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How We Are Governed explores interdisciplinary relations between communication and politics. It brings together diverse perspectives from the field of Communication and Media Studies, focusing on formal arenas of politics and public policy as well as politics in the broad sense of an informal negotiation of social relations of power between people. The book deals with questions about governing across many different domains, paying particular attention to communicative practices and technologies. Each chapter focuses on some empirical instance or instances of mediaa€“politics and mediaa€“democracy relations, on how these have been or are being exercised in shaping the limits of possible action, and on how they are being interrogated and reinvented. A persistent theme is whether the arrangements detailed in each instance can best be described as democratic, or otherwise. Chapters focus on arguments about media regulation; the guardianship of public life; the Leveson Inquiry; Web 2.0 communication in German elections; new media and citizen participation in politics; reality TV and the formation of economic literacy; online participation in the a€œilliberal democracya€ of Singapore; citizenship and market formation in online safety education programs; mining taxes and market populism; and public broadcasting and soft diplomacy.On the assumption that a€œgood governancea€ requires an informed and engaged citizenry, able to engage in meaningful deliberation around complex policy issues, our research will deliver empirical data on what audiences think about the quality and role of the political media currently available in ... Issue 88. http://www leaders.

Title:How We Are Governed
Author:Philip Dearman, Cathy Greenfield
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2014-06-26


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