How to Recognize the Signs of a Bad Relationship

How to Recognize the Signs of a Bad Relationship

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Are you unhappy in your relationship more than you are happy? Is your partner treating you right? Is it love or a potential problem? These are all questions that enter you mind when something in the relationship isn't working. When you're a maturing young woman, you may not recognize some of the issues that couples in relationships experience. qHow to Recognize the Signs of a Bad Relationshipq will help you spot potential problems and give you a few solutions on how to handle them. There is a wide range of topics relationship topics like: Sex, Emotional Behaviors, Game Playing, Rejection, Domestic Violence, Self Esteem, and more; and each topic comes with an example that couples can relate to. This isn't a book to tell you who and what is best for you. It does however point out potential problems and provide helpful solutions. It also encourages you to make the best decision for yourself and to be happy in or outside of an relationship.Remember that youa#39;re an intelligent young woman, who knows what feels good and what doesna#39;t, so dona#39;t allow yourself to slip into something that ... If you received this publication from anyone other than Author or Authorized representatives, youa#39;ve received a pirated copy. ... attempt to achieve complete accuracy of the content in this guide, they assume NO responsibility for the failure of personal relationships. Also, you should use this information as you see fit, and at your own risk.

Title:How to Recognize the Signs of a Bad Relationship
Author:Remedy Murray
Publisher:Remedy Murray - 2012-09-07


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