How to Raise a Financially Smart Child

How to Raise a Financially Smart Child

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After 28 years as a banker, mother, and 5 years writing a weekly financial column, I've come to the conclusion there is no one who has the inclination or will to ensure our children learn the most basic of financial information. There is no profit for the banks in teaching financial expertise, teachers provide limited time to financial learning, parents are struggling with their own financial problems and governments care little about individual's net worth. We have a financial knowledge crisis in this country. It reveals itself in people over paying for goods and services, excessively high debt levels, bankruptcies, and investment scams. This is largely due to individuals being financially ignorant and either too afraid to ask questions or realizing there is nowhere to reach out for answers. It is this reality that drove me to pen a weekly column and now to write a book instructing parents on how to mold financially smart children with emphasis on basics, for all children, age zero to twenty four. I have no desire to push product, sell subscriptions or manage money. I feel an obligation to help chart a new smart course for children and instruct parents on how to relay this information in a clear, precise, manner. To keep reader costs minimal and ensure it stays permanently on your electronic device for future reference, I'm having this book published as an e-book. Should sales warrant it, only then will I instruct my publisher to have printed copies available for sale.A Will clearly outlines your wishes and makes the liquidation of your estate, no matter how small, go that much smoother especially for grieving parents and ... I never recommend leasing a vehicle at any age. ... will most likely do a credit check.

Title:How to Raise a Financially Smart Child
Author:Inez Dyer
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2015-09-25


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