How-To-Manual for Senti / Sentiero

How-To-Manual for Senti / Sentiero

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The purpose of this How-to Manual is to get familiar with all the methods available on Senti and Sentiero devices. Tutorials are provided on how to do TEOAE, DPOAE, ABR, ASSR, ac. Reflex a Audiometry.Sensorineural hearing loss: Audiogram shows air- and bone conduction thresholds that are both within a range of about 10 dB. Thresholds are higher than 20 dB HL. A sensorineural hearing loss typically occurs due to lesions of sensory cells, anbsp;...

Title:How-To-Manual for Senti / Sentiero
Author:Dr. Hans Oswald
Publisher:epubli - 2014-11-28


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