How to Buy an Excellent Used Car

How to Buy an Excellent Used Car

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In these times of Church Leadership in the news media being led to sexual (i.e. including the down low), moral and spiritual temptation, along with the S/spiritual battle that comes with starting, maintaining and/or growing a qWorkq for God, I took a 3-year journey with God's Holy Spirit to create a Human Resources Reference Book for the Church - AMEN! This is a ministry/business Reference Book for students, teachers, Serving Saints, Servant Leadership and Bishops/Pastors and ANYONE else whose heart is to build a nonprofit or for-profit ministry or business Hallelujah! Book 1, Protocol Of The Palace: The Love Side Of Human Resources is to provide your heart with a brief academic introduction to Theory HS (Holy Spirit which is my Doctorate of Ministry), and an overview of Human Resources as the world understands this concept and as the Church should understand this concept of qpraying to get to loving performanceq so when we qgather in faith, q we can achieve our goal/mission through hearts of qlove, love and more loveq according to Galatians 5:22a23 AMEN! Book 2, Protocol Of The Palace: Kingdom Protocols [The Fruit Of The Spirit] is a Human Resources Reference Book for the qChurchq to share Kingdom building, Holy Bible based protocols established in Galatians 5:22a23 for Serving Saints, Servant Leadership and Bishops/Pastors so you can keep your emotions under control so that you can qwalk in His Spiritq and be loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and exhibiting self-control, most particularly when you are NOT receiving these emotions towards you, so that your emotions do not allow the adversary in your mind and heart to kill, steal or destroy your respective Church Team Ministry and/or business Kingdom building effort - AMEN! Book 3, Protocol Of The Palace: Transformational Ministry Resourcesr is a work to provide qtoolsq to the Serving Saints, Servant Leadership and Bishops/Pastors to transform your respective ministry to the next level for efficient, effective and LOVING performance. My heart says Transformational Ministry can be achieved for your Church Team Ministry and/or business Kingdom building effort whereby, through PRAYER, your heart will need to journey through q4q steps as follows: Step 1: Strategic Planning Praying and Planning Step 2: Organizational Behavior Understand S/spiritual Warfare Step 3: Change Management Holy Spirit as the Master Change Agent Step 4: Team Ministry PLANNER Development and Implementation BONUS SECTION Back of Book I was also led to provide a simple qquestion and answerq template for you to write a ministry/business/grant development proposal. Once you provide the qanswersq to the qquestions, q you should be able to use this for your proposal; I have also provided a very simple to use qPro Formaq income template to develop your financial statement. For your convenience, I have also provided pages for your PLANNER that you can tear out and make use for your PLANNER to turn qvision to actionq AMEN!!! THANK YOU, BLESS YOU and HALLELUJAH!!! Dr. Donnalakshmi SelvarajYoua#39;ve decided on the type of car you want and youa#39;ve also decided how much money youa#39;re prepared to spend on it. (You should have some knowledge of what the fair market value is for your dream car. There are quite a few sources for thisanbsp;...

Title:How to Buy an Excellent Used Car
Author:Leith C. MacArthur
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2001-02-01


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