How to Build Supercharged and Turbocharged Small-Block Fords

How to Build Supercharged and Turbocharged Small-Block Fords

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The supercharger and turbocharger in their various forms and applications have both been around for well over a century. What makes them so popular? Looks, power, performance, sound, and status. And how do they relate to, and improve upon, the performance level of a small-block Ford pushrod V-8 engine like a 289-302, a 351-Windsor, a Ford 351-Cleveland, or even the latest generation 4.6L/5.4L qmodularq small-block V-8 engines? That's EXACTLY what this book is all about! While Ford dabbled in supercharging and turbocharging on production cars all the way back in 1957 with the legendary Thunderbird, and then again with Shelbys and over-the-counter kits, and then again in the late '70s and early '80s with turbocharging 4- cylinder applications in Mustangs and SHOs, the real revolution in supercharging and turbocharging Ford products has come through the aftermarket in more recent times. The Fox Mustang, created in 1979, and the platform that would eventually feature fuel injection in 1986, allowing much more boost, created a genre of lightning-quick and affordable performance cars.If you want to use a pump analogy here, the traditional Roots design is a simple transfer pump that isna#39;t designed to raise pressure ... Up to a certain point, Roots- type blowers like the GMC and all aftermarket units patterned after it move air in a linear ... The release of Baamp;M Performance Products Street-Blower and Jerry Magnusona#39;s Magna-Charger were both strong ... Shopa#39;s Low Profile (Street) Supercharger, both of which will be covered in the Buyera#39;s Guide segment of this chapter.

Title:How to Build Supercharged and Turbocharged Small-Block Fords
Author:Bob McClurg
Publisher:CarTech Inc - 2005


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