How to Build Electric Guitars

How to Build Electric Guitars

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In the past few years the market for electric guitar kits and parts has exploded. For every two enthusiasts, there are four opinions on how properly to fill woodgrain. In this book, Will Kelly cuts through all that noise and shows how, with a little patience and some inexpensive tools, the average person can turn a modest investment into a gig-worthy instrument and perhaps even a lifelong hobby. Kelly presents guitar-building in a progressive fashion, beginning with a simple Stratocaster-style kit with a bolt-on neck and continuing on to a qrelic'dq Telecaster-style build, two Gibson-style set-neck models, and a custom double-neck mash-up. Because each build is more involved than the previous, the reader builds on his or her skill set and acquires only the tools necessary for the reader's level of interest. Kelly shows how to apply finishes, choose and install hardware, wire electronics, execute the final assembly, and set up the finished guitar for proper action and intonation.From pickups to v.19a€œ hardware and accessories, you can find most anything your heart desires. This is one of my favorite items from their catalog. Easy to install with only four wires to connect, and small in size to fit most applications, these active equalization preamps can radically expand the tonal palette of any instrument ... The volume control operates normally, whether the switch is engaged or not.

Title:How to Build Electric Guitars
Author:Will Kelly
Publisher:Voyageur Press (MN) - 2012-06-15


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