How to Behave

How to Behave

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Is there any polite way to a€œshusha€ a chatty person at the movies? Should roller bladers be passed on the left side or the right side? When is it unacceptable to answer your cell phone? And why doesna€™t anyone in your grocery store seem to understand the basic rules of shopping cart navigation and right-of-way? If youa€™ve ever pondered these kinds of questions, How to Behave is the book youa€™ve been waiting for: a hip, irreverent, but entirely practical guide to proper behavior in the twenty-first century. Here are dozens of fascinating skills that Emily Post wouldna€™t even think to mentiona€”like the best ways to: a€c share elbow space on an airplane armrest a€c contend with road rage a€c navigate an escalator a€c observe basic e-mail etiquette a€c speak on a cell phone without enraging others . . . plus dozens of other essential survival techniques. Much more than a simple etiquette book, How to Behave is a real-life guide to living in the real world. From the Trade Paperback edition.Following the basic rules of parking etiquette can help head off any nasty confrontations. 1. Always signal your intentions when pulling into a parking space from moving traffic. You can either go a€œhead ina€ or a€œtail ina€ when parallel parking, butanbsp;...

Title:How to Behave
Author:Caroline Tiger
Publisher:Quirk Books - 2011-10-04


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