How Do You Light a Fart?

How Do You Light a Fart?

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Fireworks and grenades.Grills and campfires. Burps and farts. Men get a kick out of things that go boom, things that cook with fire, and all forms of bodily gas. What they might not know is that science is what makes it all happen. This book answers all the questions guys have about their favorite topics, such as: How do you make a Lifesaver spark? How do you hotwire a car? Why do kegs float? What is PMS? Why doesna€™t a cell phone work in metal buildings? Serious science mixed with outrageous humor, this book promises guys the need-to-know info on sports, cars, technology, women, bodily functions, food, and more!You can use a process called gasification that utilizes organic waste to make syngas (or synthetic gas, which you can then ... Note: To use pure ethanol in an auto engine, youa#39;ll need to purchase and install an ethanol conversion kit. worked byanbsp;...

Title:How Do You Light a Fart?
Author:Bobby Mercer
Publisher:Adams Media - 2009-04-18


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