How Did It Come to This

How Did It Come to This

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The War in Iraq, the 2000 Election Debacle, the Monica Lewinsky Affair, and so many other pivotal events shaped the American experience in the 21st Century. This book takes the timelines for these critical events (and MANY more), and then it meshes them together for a historical perspective. They say qHindsight is 20-20, q and as such, readers can now see those events in the context of their times, and not the context of a politically-charged opinion piece. Here and now, readers can view the entire American experience in Iraq from President Bush Sr.'s 9/11/90 address to Congress (in which he declared the start of a New World Order), through the wars, the inspections, the repeated air campaigns, the failed diplomacy, and finally to Saddam's capture. There are also specific sections showing never-before seen timelines of The Ignored War over the No-Fly Zones in Iraq, and the growth of Al Queda in the New World Order. Events which continue to be viewed in a political perspective had a historical effect and not just a political effect.8/ 1 6/0 1 (The Observer 9/ 1 6/0 1 says 8/ 1 9/0 1 )a€” Mohammed Atta rents a single engine, four seat Piper Archer for $88 an hour from the ... 19, an instructor at Palm Beach County Airport in Lantana hears Mohammed Atta speaking in Arabic over the airplanea#39;s radio. ... He is found with: two knives; one pair of binoculars; flight manuals for the Boeing 747 Model 400; a flight simulator computer program;anbsp;...

Title:How Did It Come to This
Author:Sam Pender
Publisher:Virtualbookworm Publishing - 2004-06-01


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