House of the Rising Sun

House of the Rising Sun

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After nearly five years in federal prison, ex-New Orleans vice cop Ray Shane doesn't want any trouble. But trouble is exactly what he gets when four masked gunmen rob The House of the Rising Sun, the mob-owned casino and brothel where Shane is in charge of security, and blow away the mentally handicapped, adult nephew of the New Orleans mafia boss. Shane catches most of the blame and finds out from mob strongman Tony Zello that the only way he can clear himself is to find the gunmen and get back the money. But as Shane starts investigating, he finds out that he is the mob's main suspect.a€œRight there on the fender, just above the right rear tire.a€ Milo looked at the Lexus from about a dozen feet away. a€œI dona#39;t see nothing.a€ Ray said, a€œGuya#39;s kind of a hothead, and if somebody smacked into his car, no telling what hea#39;ll do.a€ While he anbsp;...

Title:House of the Rising Sun
Author:Chuck Hustmyre
Publisher:Salvo Press - 2004


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