Honor of Assassins

Honor of Assassins

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a€œI will die when I die whether or not it is convenient for all of us. What matters is the purpose of my death.a€ Tlonna EwAasdAsrn, the Magin Queen walked away to greet Sithian Rahlan, the very incarnation of evil, and her son, who stands at the gates of her kingdom. His unwanted appearance will instigate a bloody war that turns the entire land of NymyApos into a raging battlefield. The great kingdom of Blackhaven has been brought back from the brink of extinction, but as ties of alliances and friendships grow stronger within the noble kingdoms of NymyApos, so does the hatred and tension of their enemies. One by one, Tlonna, her Lord Consort Losolin, and their companions watch in despair as their strongest allies fall to the forces of evil, while Aidyn Sestuns, Master Assassin, the greatest ever to live, struggles against resurfacing dark desires, and will come face to face with death. He must find the strength to hold onto the Honor of Assassins, or abandon all that he has fought for and escape the darkness that haunts him.Book 2 of the Graves of Good and Evil A.B.B. Olson. She spun Verity ... a€œHigh Commander, you could advance the whole way at a gallop and my men could still keep up, have no fear.a€ a€œGood. ... As they started to push back on the elves, YayAunia started counting. When they ... Nearly ten thousand foul soldiers died that day.

Title:Honor of Assassins
Author:A.B.B. Olson
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-02-02


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