Honey Melon Fudge

Honey Melon Fudge

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Betrayal, lust, and a whole lot of hiking... Asha Jackson rests by running. Recently dumped by both her job and her lover, she chooses to go on hikes instead of job interviews. Walter Novak is a crackerjack telecom technician but his love life seems impervious to his find-it-and-fix-it prowess. Charlie Voss pickles his anger and guilt with cheap beer. Eighty-six years old, the erosion of his social graces reveals backwoods fortitude and attitude and little else. Out hiking, Asha's dog runs off and leads her to Charlie, setting in motion a series of events that none of them could have predicted. It is Charlie who connects Asha and Walter, and it is Charlie who tears them apart. qHoney Melon Fudgeq the story of keen and all-too-familiar losses, and finding the trails out of pain.It was a Saturday evening, not a Friday, and that meant that rustling up Halia and Grace required phone calls. ... a€œWell, fuck you, a€ she muttered, addressing her comment to the phone whose numbers wouldna#39;t work, the lack of a dial tone, the piss-poor arrangement of answering machine, ... The call to Verizona#39;s repair dispatch ended with an appointment three days later. ... Halia was not home when Asha called, so she left a a€œmeet me at The Efta€ message and hoped for the best. The Eftanbsp;...

Title:Honey Melon Fudge
Author:Heather Rolland
Publisher:Hillcrest Publishing Group - 2010


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