Home Education by Design

Home Education by Design

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An overwhelming flood of information, options, and advice. That's what parents who home school often get- when what they really need is a straightforward plan that sustains them as teachers, fits their kids' wideranging needs, and meshes naturally with the way they really live. A comprehensive strategy is exactly what author Cynthia Lavoie delivers. In an easy-to-understand, conversational style, she reveals how to: . pick the curriculum that's the very best-for the way your children learn; . take into account several crucial learning and family factors that few parents ever consider; . simplify planning, especially for multi-grade households; . accommodate your child's unique talents and needs within any curriculum; and, . most of all, how to relax and enjoy learning with your kids! Lavoie is a seasoned educator who knows curriculum, learning philosophies, and pedagogy. But she also knows firsthand the agonies and ecstasies of home schooling. She herself has home schooled five children in five different grades for the last 15 years. Her expertise and experience zooms you to the head of the class, giving you new appreciation for your children as learners-and new confidence in yourself as their teacher.It is because of the blood of Christ that my sin, my dead places, can be made new and have life. ... And I bring into my home schooling the effects of the harms done against me, and my own subconsciousa€”or even consciousa€”hateful and bitteranbsp;...

Title:Home Education by Design
Author:Cynthia F. Lavoie
Publisher:Hannibal Books - 2007-05-01


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