Holocaust Theology

Holocaust Theology

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Where was God when six million died? Over the last few decades this question has haunted both Jewish and Christian theologians. If God is all-good and all-powerful, how could he have permitted the Holocaust to take place? Holocaust Theology: A Reader provides a panoramic survey of the responses of over one hundred leading Jewish and Christian Holocaust thinkers. Beginning with the religious challenge of the Holocaust, the collection explores a wide range of thinking which seek to reconcile God's ways with the existence of evil. In addition, the book addresses perplexing questions regarding Christian responsibility and culpability during the Nazi era. Designed for general readers and students, the readings are arranged thematically and each one is divided into separate topics. For anyone who is troubled by the religious implications of the tragedy of the Holocaust, this collection of Holocaust theology provides a basis for discussion and debate: each reading is followed by several questions designed to stimulate this.Specifically, I began to discover, questions do not give us the insight they can provide when they are posed abstractly ... I have never begun by asking the big questions, because I was always afraid that I would come up with small answers; anbsp;...

Title:Holocaust Theology
Author:Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Publisher:Royal College of General Practitioners - 2015-03-02


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