Holocaust Now

Holocaust Now

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qHolocaust Nowq A nuclear war is pending as the four children of Mrs. Treven return home for a family reunion. Their marriages reflect the divisions in American society. Claire married a Moslem, Sue-a Jew, Tom-a Black, and David-a Chinese. Their mother fears a dreadful family squabble because of the political climate. It occurs when all of them face doom because of the nuclear holocaust that brings havoc throughout the land. qThe Lobbyistq is cunning, deceitful and amoral; yet these qualities have made him very successful. He feels he has conquered his world until an event takes place that shows him the futility of all his efforts. qMr Iris of the IRSq preys on the taxpayers' fears of being caught and exposes the worst human vices. qEven Stevenq explores in dramatic form the events that take place when a wife invites her husband's former lovers for a weekend. Other stories are qVignettes from Lifeq.I studied philosophy and I realized that the great philosophers of the world were merely making intellectual systems that never answered the basic questions. I thena€”a€œ Tom interrupted, a€œWhat are the basic questions?a€ a€œWhat is the meaning of anbsp;...

Title:Holocaust Now
Author:Tom Berry
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-06-01


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