Holding Your Family Together

Holding Your Family Together

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Create a Healthy, Happy, Godly Family . . . One Night at a Time Imagine a home where every person feels loved, valued, and heard. Imagine a family that seeks God's wisdom, will, and Word together. Imagine an intimate, affectionate community where every night is an experience of caring, sharing, comfort, and peace. You can make this beautiful picture a reality in your home. But it won't happen by accident--you need a plan! Holding Your Family Together is a workable, powerful plan based on a simple nightly routine: Share, Read, Talk, Pray, Bless. This is FAITH5, and it has transformed families around the world. No matter your child's age or your family's unique situation, FAITH5 can work for you. Inside you'll find everything you need to get your family into a nightly habit that will open your hearts to each other and to God. Does this sound like an impossible dream? It's not, and you can start . . . tonight.In movies, without biblical allegories, there wouldbe no Les MisAcrables, no Star Wars, no Matrix, no Lord of theRings trilogy, no Narnia and no BenHur ... Ita#39;s more thana religious instruction manual Instructions Before Leaving Eartha€ (B.I.B.L.E.).

Title:Holding Your Family Together
Author:Dr. Rich Melheim
Publisher:Baker Books - 2013-04-30


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