High-speed Integrated Circuit Technology

High-speed Integrated Circuit Technology

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This book reviews the state of the art of very high speed digital integrated circuits. Commercial applications are in fiber optic transmission systems operating at 10, 40, and 100 Gb/s, while the military application is ADCs and DACs for microwave radar. The book contains detailed descriptions of the design, fabrication, and performance of wideband Si/SiGe-, GaAs-, and InP-based bipolar transistors. The analysis, design, and performance of high speed CMOS, silicon bipolar, and III-V digital ICs are presented in detail, with emphasis on application in optical fiber transmission and mixed signal ICs. The underlying physics and circuit design of rapid single flux quantum (RSFQ) superconducting logic circuits are reviewed, and there is extensive coverage of recent integrated circuit results in this technology. Contents: Preface (M J W Rodwell); High-Speed and High-Data-Bandwidth Transmitter and Receiver for Multi-Channel Serial Data Communication with CMOS Technology (M Fukaishi et al.); High-Performance Si and SiGe Bipolar Technologies and Circuits (M Wurzer et al.); Self-Aligned Si BJT/SiGe HBT Technology and Its Application to High-Speed Circuits (K Washio); Small-Scale InGaP/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for High-Speed and Low-Power Integrated-Circuit Applications (T Oka et al.); Prospects of InP-Based IC Technologies for 100-Gbit/S-Class Lightwave Communications Systems (T Enoki et al.); Scaling of InGaAs/InAlAs HBTs for High Speed Mixed-Signal and mm-Wave ICs (M J W Rodwell); Progress Toward 100 GHz Logic in InP HBT IC Technology (C H Fields et al.); Cantilevered Base InP DHBT for High Speed Digital Applications (A L Gutierrez-Aitken et al.); RSFQ Technology: Physics and Devices (P Bunyk et al.); RSFQ Technology: Circuits and Systems (D K Brock). Readership: Researchers, industrialists and academics in electrical and electronic engineering.QCB separated pholodiode capacitance Cn, from the transimpedance amplifier and reduced the parasitic ... AG C amplifier A block diagram, a circuit, a chip photomicrograph, and the measured frequency response of gain of an AGC amplifieranbsp;...

Title:High-speed Integrated Circuit Technology
Author:Mark J. W. Rodwell
Publisher:World Scientific - 2001-01-01


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