High-Speed DSP and Analog System Design

High-Speed DSP and Analog System Design

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High-Speed DSP and Analog System Design is based on the authora€™s over 25 years of experience in high-speed DSP and computer systems and courses in both digital and analog systems design at Rice University. It provides hands-on, practical advice for working engineers, including: a€c Tips on cost-efficient design and system simulation that minimize late-stage redesign costs and product shipment delays a€c Emphasis on good high-speed and analog design practices that minimize both component and system noise and ensure system design success. a€c Guidelines to be used throughout the design process to reduce noise and radiation and to avoid common pitfalls while improve quality and reliability. a€c Hand-on design examples focusing on audio, video, analog filters, DDR memory, and power supplies. The inclusion of analog systems and related issues cannot be found in other high-speed design books. a€œThis book is an essential resource for all engineers either interested in or working on system designs. It was created by a recognized system design expert who not only teaches these principles daily but who brings years of hands on design expertise as the creator of some of the personal computer industriesa€™ most differentiated audio solutionsa€ a€”Jim Ganthier, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions, Industry Standard Servers- Hewlett-Packard a€œThis book helps designers by highlighting the pitfalls of high-speed systems design and providing solutions that improve the probability of success. Investing a small amount of time in the use of low-noise and low-radiation design methods from the very beginning of the development cycle will generate a high payoff by minimizing late-stage redesign costs and delays in the product ship date. To improve the probability of design success, applying the rules outlined in this book is a must-do.a€a€”Gene Frantz, Principle Fellow, Texas Instruments Incorporated. High-Speed DSP and Analog System Design is appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professionals in signal processing and system design.From the LM317 data sheet, V, E aquot;. ... Put the complete circuit shown in Figure 4.3 in the circuit simulator [2] and the results are shown in Figure 44 where the output is regulated at +5V when the input is ... 3.3V Output Buck Converter Schematic.

Title:High-Speed DSP and Analog System Design
Author:Thanh T. Tran
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-04-15


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