High Railway Rolling Stock

High Railway Rolling Stock

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There are a lot of high speed railway rolling stock. We represent all of these vehicles and technical specifications. For Example; this book includes specification and photos of these type of high speed railway vehicles; From Germany a€c DB AG 401 (ICE1) a€c DB AG 402 (ICE2) a€c DB AG 403 (ICE3) a€c DB AG, NS 406 (ICE3M) a€c DB AG 406 (ICE3MF) a€c DB AG 407 (ICE3) a€c 411 (ICE-T) DB AG a€c 4011 (ICE-T) A–BB a€c DB AG 411 (ICE-T2) a€c DB AG 415 (ICE-TD) a€c DB AG ICx (7-vagon) a€c DB AG ICx (10-vagon) a€c DB AG ICE-S From USA a€c Amtrak a€“ Acela From Chech Republic a€c CD 680 From China a€c CR CRH1A a€c CR CRH1B a€c CR CRH1E a€c CR CRH2A a€c CR CRH2B a€c CR CRH2C a€c CR CRH2E a€c CR CRH3C a€c CR CRH5A a€c CR CRH380A a€c CR CRH380AL a€c CR CRH380B a€c CR CRH380BL a€c CR CRH380D a€c CR CRH380CL a€c CR CRH380DL a€c CR CIT001 a€c CR CIT400A a€c CR CIT400B a€c THRSC 700T From Morocco a€c ONCF a€“ TGV Duplex From Finland a€c VR Sm3 From France a€c Eurostar 373 TGV-TSMT a€c Eurostar e320 a€c Thalys PBA a€c Thalys PBKA a€c SNCF 373 TGV-TSMT a€c SNCF TGV PSE (bic.) a€c SNCF TGV PSE (tric.) a€c SNCF TGV Postal a€c SNCF TGV Atlantique a€c SNCF TGV RAcseau (bic.) a€c SNCF TGV RAcseau (tric.) a€c SNCF TGV Duplex a€c SNCF TGV RAcseau Duplex a€c SNCF SBB TGV POS a€c SNCF TGV Duplex Dasye a€c SNCF TGV Duplex a€c RGV2N2 (tric a bic) a€c SNCF IRIS 320 a€c Thalys PBKA From Netherland a€c NS Hispeed, SNCBa€“ Epsilon V250 From Norway a€c NSB BM73 From Portugal a€c CP CPA40000 From Spain a€c Renfe Operadora, S100 a€c Renfe Operadora, S101 a€c Renfe Operadora, S102 a€c Renfe Operadora, S103 a€c Renfe Operadora, S104 a€c Renfe Operadora, S112 a€c Renfe Operadora, S114 a€c Renfe Operadora, S120 a€c Renfe Operadora, S121 a€c Renfe Operadora, S130 a€c Renfe Operadora, S730 a€c Renfe Operadora, S490 a€c ADIF, A330 From Other European Countries a€c SJ, X2 (X2000) a€c SJ, X40 a€c Arlanda Express, X3 a€c SBB, RABDe500 (ICN) a€c Polonya DemiryollarAp a€c PKP Intercity, Pendolino From England a€c CC-EC-EM-FGW-GC-V, IC125 a€c East Coast IC225 a€c EC, GC, HT, NR IC180 a€c Cross Country 220 a€c Cross Country, Virgin 221 a€c East Midlands 222 a€c Virgin 390 a€c Southeastern 395 a€c Adtalya DemiryollarAp a€c Trenitalia ETR450 a€c Trenitalia ETR460 a€c Trenitalia ETR470 a€c Trenitalia ETR480 a€c Trenitalia ETR500 a€c Trenitalia ETR600 a€c Trenitalia, SBB ETR610 a€c Trenitalia ETR1000 a€c NTV AGV a€c RFI a€“ Epsilon From Japan a€c JRW - 0 a€c JRW - 100 a€c JRE - 200 a€c JRC- 300/ JRW 300-3000 a€c JRE - 400 a€c JRW - 500 a€c JRW a€“ 500 / 7000 a€c JRW 700-7000 a€c JRC- JRW N700, N700-3000, N700A a€c JRC- JRW N700, N700-3000, N700A a€c JRW- JRK N700-7000, N700-8000 a€c JRK 800 a€c RK 800-1000, 800-2000 a€c JRE E1 a€c JRE E2 a€c JRE E2, E2-100 a€c JRE E3 a€c JRE E3-1000 a€c JRE E3-2000 a€c JRE E4 a€c JRE E5 a€c JRE E6 a€c JRC 923, JRW 923-3000 a€c JRC E926 From Korea a€c Korail KTX a€c Korail KTX II From Russia, Finland and Slovenia a€c Karelian Railways, Sm6 a€c RZD, ER200 a€c RZD, Sapsan B1 a€c RZD, Sapsan B2 From Turkey a€c TCDD YHT65000... 2L18T (+ 2MB) Voltage 3kV 25kV50Hz Weight of The Train (t) 752 Features C: Concentrated powered, A: Articulated, T: Tilting, D: Double ... Axle Load (t) 17 Train Length (m) 394 Number of Train Set 31 Train Width (mm) 2814 Year in Service 1993 1st Class Seats 206 ... SApnApf Eurostar 373 TGV-TSMT Maximum Op. Speed 300 France, Belgium, United Kingdom SApnApf Eurostar e320 Maximum Op. Speed.

Title:High Railway Rolling Stock
Author:Sabri Ekrem
Publisher:Demiryolu.Net - 2012-01-01


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