High Noon in the Automotive Industry

High Noon in the Automotive Industry

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This book was born from curiosity. To begin with, it was the curiosity of an economist who studied in the 60a€™s in an environment which has subsequently developed from national into global economics. Who has to recognize that politicians, scholars and large segments of society oblivious to supranational authorities and e- nomic globalization forces continue to labour under the notion that they are still fully autonomous and sovereign when shaping national economic policy. And pretend as though their own national state were still the qm- ter in its own houseq that despite unbridled market economics could c- tinue to dictate to the economy and companies how to live and in which qroomsq. All that has become fiction. The laws of globalization diminish the - noeuvring space for shaping national economic policy. Even if many folks today dona€™t want to hear it: The issue is no longer achieving what is soc- politically desirable for the own society but rather the optimal adaptation of society and social benefits to the politically practicable.... companies2 with a number of self-managed brands (e.g. AUDI, Bentley, Mini Cooper, Smart, Rolls-Royce, Skoda etc.) ... heterogeneous those companies were in 2004 can be seen in their different net returns on sales, which vary between +17% ... Thus, from the start, any statement about the German automotive industry does not proceed from a genuine average. ... Will the market in the future help to solve the earnings problems, or will manufacturers and suppliers have to manageanbsp;...

Title:High Noon in the Automotive Industry
Author:Helmut Becker
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-02-10


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