Her Husband’s Crossing

Her Husband’s Crossing

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The only person seventy-seven-year-old Robert Landon recognizes is his daughter, Heather. Robert doesna€™t know his grandchildren, Carrie and Brian. But most importantly, Robert, suffering from the early stages of Alzheimera€™s, doesna€™t know his wife, Jessica. Heather is determined to rectify this situation. She knows her parentsa€™ forty-two-year relationship is a love story for the ages. Heather and Jessica concoct a plan to help jar Roberta€™s memory, to remind him that his one true love is waiting for him. The doctor, however, warns that the plan could backfire, and Robert could become upset hearing the details of his past. From his birth in 1900 to attending college at New York University to becoming a US Senator, Heather recaps the details of Roberta€™s life for him. She reminds him of his desire to be successful in the era prior to the Great Depression and how these events found him caught in a whirlwind of trouble: trouble with the law, trouble with trying to find a means of supporting himself, as well as trouble with an entangled weave of numerous women who were in awe of him. But will he ever be able to remember the woman from his past who calls him her husband?Some would disagree with the theory that the stock market crash was the beginning of the Great Depression; some only saw it ... Certain historians emphasize structural factors like massive bank failures along with the stock market crash, whileanbsp;...

Title:Her Husband’s Crossing
Author:Steven W. Moore
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-03-11


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