Help Wanted: Husband?

Help Wanted: Husband?

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A Man Who Got The Job Done! For months, no one had answered the help wanted ad that pregnant widow Lorna McDonough placeda€”until the day Julius Holt arrived at her apple orchard. Never mind that the man was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen! In fact, that should have disqualified him for the position, because the last thing the single mom needed in her life was an attractive male. She'd just have to keep him at arm's length. But the more Lorna tried to avoid Julius, the more work brought them together. Had her help wanted ad unexpectedly led to a man much more qualified for the position of her much-beloved husband?Therea#39;s a beaut of an old Massey Ferguson, but it might be tough finding the parts for it. And the John Deere should have new plugs, beltsa€”a€ a€œThe trees need pruning.a€ Lorna rinsed a plate and placed it in the drainer. a€œAnd the tractor needs anbsp;...

Title:Help Wanted: Husband?
Author:Darlene Scalera
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-10-15


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