Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer

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The continuing trend toward miniaturization and high power density electronics results in a growing interdependency between different fields of engineering. In particular, thermal management has become essential to the design and manufacturing of most electronic systems. Heat Transfer: Thermal Management of Electronics details how engineers can use intelligent thermal design to prevent heat-related failures, increase the life expectancy of the system, and reduce emitted noise, energy consumption, cost, and time to market. Appropriate thermal management can also create a significant market differentiation, compared to similar systems. Since there are more design flexibilities in the earlier stages of product design, it would be productive to keep the thermal design in mind as early as the concept and feasibility phase. The author first provides the basic knowledge necessary to understand and solve simple electronic cooling problems. He then delves into more detail about heat transfer fundamentals to give the reader a deeper understanding of the physics of heat transfer. Next, he describes experimental and numerical techniques and tools that are used in a typical thermal design process. The book concludes with a chapter on some advanced cooling methods. With its comprehensive coverage of thermal design, this book can help all engineers to develop the necessary expertise in thermal management of electronics and move a step closer to being a multidisciplinary engineer.Then, we pick up our mobile phone, go out of the house, get in our car after we open its door using a remote key, turn the engine on, and (in my case for sure) turn either the radio (in my case again) or CD player on right away. ... the house, listen to the messages on our answering machine, pick up the necessary ingredients from the refrigerator or freezer and fix a dinner in the microwave or on the stove.

Title:Heat Transfer
Author:Younes Shabany
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-12-17


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