Heat Pump Dryers

Heat Pump Dryers

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Explore the Social, Technological, and Economic Impact of Heat Pump Drying Heat pump drying is a green technology that aligns with current energy, quality, and environmental concerns, and when compared to conventional drying, delivers similar quality at a lower cost. Heat Pump Dryers: Theory, Design and Industrial Applications details the progression of heat pump dryinga€”from pioneering research and demonstration work to an applied technologya€”and establishes principles and theories that can aid in the successful design and application of heat pump dryers. Based on the author's personal experience, this book compares heat pump dryers and conventional dryers in terms of performance, quality, removal rate, energy utilization, and the environmental effect of both drying processes. It includes detailed descriptions and layouts of heat pump dryers, outlines the principles of operation, and explains the equations, diagrams, and procedures used to form the basis for heat pump dryer dimensioning and design. The author also proposes the use of heat pump dryers that operate on natural fluids and considers their potential for providing ecological benefits and easing environmental issues relative to conventional drying. The use of natural fluids in heat pump dryers is consistent with the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols. Highlights includes coverage of: Single-stage and multi-stage vapor compression heat pumps for drying A dryer design utilizing single-stage vapor compression heat pumps Design of a two-stage vapor compression heat pump for drying green peas and aromatic leaves Psychrometry of humid air and includes the various types of humidification processes Thermodynamic properties of refrigerants for heat pumps Heat Pump Dryers: Theory, Design and Industrial Applications discusses the ready-to-use technology of heat pump drying. The book compares conventional and heat pump drying, addresses the confines and limitations of conventional drying, and proposes viable solutions using this novel process.One of the most promising natural fluids is ammonia, with the cycle sketched in the pressurea€“ enthalpy diagram in Figure 7.3. It indicates that R717 has a constant condensing temperature of 50AdC (at 0 a‰c x a‰c 1) at constant condensing anbsp;...

Title:Heat Pump Dryers
Author:Odilio Alves-Filho
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-08-06


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