Healthcare Beyond Reform

Healthcare Beyond Reform

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There is a secret inside healthcare, and ita€™s this: We can do healthcare for a lot less money. The only way to do that is to do it a lot better. We know ita€™s possible because it is happening now. In pockets and branches across healthcare, people are receiving better healthcare for a lot less. Some employers, states, tribes, and health systems are doing healthcare a little differently. Healthcare Beyond Reform: Doing It Right for Half the Cost explains how this new kind of healthcare is not about rationing and cutbacks. Ita€™s not about getting less, ita€™s about getting more. Getting better and friendlier healthcare, where you need it, when you need it. How? The answer is mostly not in Washington, ita€™s not conservative or liberal. The answer is mostly not about who pays for healthcare. The answer is mostly about who gets paid, and what we pay them for. Healthcare Beyond Reform: Doing It Right For Half The Cost shows you how the system works. It explains how we got here, why we pay so much more than anyone else, and why we dona€™t get what we pay for. Youa€™ll learn the five things healthcare can do to turn this around. You will see what some employers are already doing to make that happen, and what patients, families, doctors, and anyone else who cares about healthcare can do to help make it happen. There are only five and we need all five. All of them can be done right now, with the current healthcare system as it is. Joe Flower shows you how. In 1980, healthcare took no more of a bite out of the U.S. economy than it did in other developed countries. By 2000, healthcare cost twice as much in the U.S. as in most other developed countries. We can change that. a€”Joe Flower Joe Flower explains how we can make healthcare better for a lot less. this thought experiment: Imagine for a moment that we had a fee-for-service insurance-supported automobile service ... that cars would be very well cared for a€”as long as their owners had the right kind of auto maintenance insurance.

Title:Healthcare Beyond Reform
Author:Joe Flower
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-04-24


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