Headlines, Deadlines and Lifelines

Headlines, Deadlines and Lifelines

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Headlines, Deadlines and Lifelines is a memoir of a longtime journalist whose career centered on writing about economics, took him from New York to Washington, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and of course, across Europe. As he finished the book he was turning 94 years old. An unforgettable Junior college year in Paris launched his adulthood. Along the way he served nearly four years overseas during World War II, covered the White House as a newsman under FDR's Presidency, was Time Magazine's National Economics Correspondent, and later was a public relations executive and consultant in Wall Street. He also writes about his marriage of 57 years to his wife whose Orthodox Jewish roots were very different from his Reformist ancestry, and about their two children, four grandchildren and now 4 greatgrands. In the closing pages, after his wife of 57 years passed away, he tells about the friendship he resumed with a woman he had not seen in more than 40 years. They have now been together more than six years and counting.I will make a nice scrapbook out of them wherewith to impress ye old government professor at Haverford, and I will then write an interpretive essay. By that ambiguous word interpretative I mean that the essay will be more on my ideas than onanbsp;...

Title:Headlines, Deadlines and Lifelines
Author:George B. Bookman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-04


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