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Paul James is a man under the spotlight, often for all the wrong reasons. At age twenty-three, many people believe it's now time for the out-of-control Paul to grow up and kick his old party-boy ways which has given him the qticking time bombq stigma for so long. With all the potential in the world, Paul could find himself losing the one thing that got him to this point in the first place, the faith of his family, the respect of his friends, and most importantly . . . he could lose himself. One event will change the life of Paul James forever. With his dreams over and nothing to live for, the one thing that has criticised Paul for so long could turn into the one thing that will give him his big break and last opportunity to fulfill what the close people around him believe to be his destiny. However . . . There are more than a handful of people that wouldn't mind seeing Paul James fail in what will turn out to be one of the most controversial decisions New Zealand has ever seen.to Toledo before quickly stepping outside and following Chloe back to her car, Toledo had parked behind Chloea#39;s car in what ... he could have easily walked over and opened the gate rather than climbing the fence and getting all his clothes tangled in the wiring. ... Toledo began, a#39;I got tickets for the game this weekend and I cant bloody waita#39; Toledo said, a#39;that is so awesome bro did you get good seats?

Author:Michael Pulman
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-08


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