Hatha Yoga For Beginners: Learn Proper Yoga Anatomy & Poses

Hatha Yoga For Beginners: Learn Proper Yoga Anatomy & Poses

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Hi, Juliana Baldec here. My sister Alecandra Baldec empowered me to get into the fascinating world of Yoga. She inspired me and encouraged me not only to tap into the unlimited benefits of Yoga which helped me get rid of my breathing and Asthma problems, but she also inspired me to write this Yoga poses book that includes all the Yoga poses that I have been doing on a daily basis for for around 3 months now. We put our two beginning Yoga position guides together into one comprehensive compilation for beginning Yoga students to learn from and to enjoy. Both, her and my book talk about beginning Yoga poses in a completely different way and perspective because I am a beginning Yoga student myself and I am talking about my own experiences that I have made with Yoga over the past 3 months and she is a certified Yoga instructor and has lots of experience and knows about every aspect of Yoga. This is why I also included a cool 5 minute Yoga strategy for you so that you can even stick to your daily Yoga ritual if you are a very busy Yoga beginner and have almost no extra time for Yoga workouts. I also hope that this book will enable and empower you to develop a passion for Yoga. You are going to discover the basic standing Yoga poses, the basic chair Yoga poses and the basic floor Yoga poses and you will get the most benefits of yoga out of these as a beginner. If you are following and applying the empowering information inside the guide and if you are repeating these basic poses on a daily basis, you will soon be able to tap into these unlimited benefits that come from a daily Yoga practice. This compilation gives helps you discover the best Yoga exercises for beginners without having to invest a fortune in trainers and instructors, but you still get the valuable information that comes from a Yoga beginner just like yourself and from a Yoga experts who has done this with passion for years. This is the type of knowledge that you wish you knew before...http://www.bandhayoga.com/flyarounds. html http://www.anusara.com http://www. iyiny.org http://www.yogalearningcenter.com/welc ... http://www.kundaliniyoga.org http://www.mkprojects.com/pf_Tibetan Rites.htm http://www.laughteryoga.org Beginners Guide To Yoga Tips Yoga Fitness Flow Brillant Yoga Yoga Weight Loss System Newbie Yoga 10 Minutes To Bliss Finger Healing My Yoga Online Hotanbsp;...

Title:Hatha Yoga For Beginners: Learn Proper Yoga Anatomy & Poses
Author:Juliana Baldec
Publisher:Speedy Publishing LLC - 2014-08-26


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