Harnessing Java 7

Harnessing Java 7

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This is the first of three volumes of the Harnessing JavaTM 7 book. It provides a comprehensive approach to learning the Java programming language to all levels of Java developers. It covers the fundamental topics of Java in detail such as Object-Oriented concepts, data types, operators, etc.It contains more than 70 diagrams to help programmers visualize and understand the topics better.More than 170 complete programs included in this volume help beginners and intermediate level programmers learn the topics faster.The second chapter, qWriting Java Programsq, has been especially designed for beginners, which walks you through writing your first Java program step-by-step. The following topics are covered in this volume. Programming Concepts Data Types Operators Statements Classes and Objects Object and Objects Classes AutoBoxing Exception Handling Assertions Strings a Dates Formatting Objects Regular Expressions Arrays Garbage Collection Inheritance It covers the following new features of JavaTM 7 in detail. Binary Numeric Literals Underscores in Numeric Literals Strings in a switch Statement try-with-resources Statement Catching Multiple Exception Types Re-throwing Exceptions with Improved Type Checking The java.util.Objects classThis is the first of three volumes of the Harnessing JavaTM 7 book.

Title:Harnessing Java 7
Author:Kishori Sharan
Publisher:Kishori Sharan - 2012-04-01


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