Handbook of Physiology

Handbook of Physiology

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The aim of this handbook is to survey key areas in modern cellular and molecular physiology. The topics covered range from the most fundamental biophysical and biochemical bases of cellular physiology to more concerted cellular biological processes. A more elusive goal of this volume is to provide a framework for future research linking these various processes in whole animal systems. The chapters begin with descriptions of basic membrane processes including membrane structure as it relates to function, the biophysics of membrane transport, and cell volume regulatory mechanisms. The organization and function of the plasma membrane and intracellular organelles involved in membrane trafficking and the biogenesis of cell polarity are then reviewed in depth. Energy generation and transduction subserving cellular function are covered in another series of chapters. The structure and function of the cytoskeleton and its relationship to events regulated by interaction with the extracellular matrix are examined in detail. Chapters on the integrative aspects of cellular physiology including immunobiology, cellular interactions, fertilizaton, and interactions of cells with the extracellular matrix round out this authoritative survey of contemporary cellular physiology. Researchers, instructors, post-doctorate and graduate students will find it a uniquely useful resource.Even though it does not revolve with every beat, these experiments imply that the central pair can be moved freely ... is the Ca2+ sensor? and (2) How does the sensor work to cause the changes in beat when Ca2+ concentration changes? ... Two Ca2 + - binding proteins are known to be present as fixed components of the axoneme: calmodulin (CaM) and centrin (caltractin) a€” but there may be others.

Title:Handbook of Physiology
Author:Joseph F. Hoffman, James D. Jamieson
Publisher:An American Physiological Society Book - 1997-06-12


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