Handbook of Optical Dimensional Metrology

Handbook of Optical Dimensional Metrology

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Due to their speed, data density, and versatility, optical metrology tools play important roles in todaya€™s high-speed industrial manufacturing applications. Handbook of Optical Dimensional Metrology provides useful background information and practical examples to help readers understand and effectively use state-of-the-art optical metrology methods. The book first builds a foundation for evaluating optical measurement methods. It explores the many terms of optical metrology and compares it to other forms of metrology, such as mechanical gaging, highlighting the limitations and errors associated with each mode of measurement at a general level. This comparison is particularly helpful to current industry users who operate the most widely applied mechanical tools. The book then focuses on each application area of measurement, working down from large area to medium-sized to submicron measurements. It describes the measurement of large objects on the scale of buildings, the measurement of durable manufactured goods such as aircraft engines and appliances, and the measurement of fine features on the micron and nanometer scales. In each area, the book covers fast, coarse measures as well as the finest measurements possible. Best practices and practical examples for each technology aid readers in effectively using the methods. Requiring no prior expertise in optical dimensional metrology, this handbook helps engineers and quality specialists understand the capabilities and limitations of optical metrology methods. It also shows them how to successfully apply optical metrology to a vast array of current engineering and scientific problems.... the following normalized intensity: 2n lxp 2n shn+lxp 1 2n 2lxp+shn 1 2n shaquot; I(x , y):1+cosi +cosi i +icosi i +icosi p l h, 1 p ... The other three cosine terms representing the reference grating, although height dependent, are also dependent on xanbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Optical Dimensional Metrology
Author:Kevin Harding
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-02-26


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