Hacking TiVo

Hacking TiVo

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Written by an avid TiVo hacker, and active TiVo community member, qHacking TiVo appeals to both experienced tweakers and curious observers alike by walking them through the steps needed to do everything from increasing the storage capacity of their TiVos to connecting them to the internet. After completing this book, readers will enjoy being able to say that they have enhanced their TiVo, that they have larger TiVos than can be purchased, and that they have features that don' t exist for others. They will also know where to look for the latest developments, and know enough to start some serious tinkering on their own.Topics covered include: Secret TiVo backdoor codesIncreasing recording time with larger hard drivesGetting access to the TiVo operating systemTransferring files to and from your PCControlling your Tivo from the InternetAdding sports scores, stocks and weather featuresDisplaying your own photos and graphi cs on your TVHooking AOL Instant Messenger into your TiVoSeeing who is calling you on your TV screenReceiving your email from your TiVoDistributing TiVo video throughout your entire houseSee LBA LogMgr.itcl file, 357 LogoGroup object, 355 Logos TivoWeb module, 169-174, 355 logout Linux command, 470 logs.itcl file, ... 137 Mail TivoWeb module, 175-180 man-page (Linux), 470 Manual Record TivoWeb module, 217 Manually Record Time/Channel ... DirecTiVb unit, 360 DMA, 106 increasing, 403- 407 PROM, 18, 104, 107, 360-361, 404-406 Seriesl unit, 360 Series2 unit, 360 usage, anbsp;...

Title:Hacking TiVo
Author:Jeff Keegan
Publisher: - 2004


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