Hackers and Hacking

Hackers and Hacking

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What defines the social world of hackers? How do individuals utilize hacking techniques against corporations, governments, and the general public? And what motivates them to do so? This book traces the origins of hacking from the 1950s to today and provides an in-depth exploration of the ways in which hackers define themselves, the application of malicious and ethical hacking techniques, and how hackers' activities are directly tied to the evolution of the technologies we use every day. Rather than presenting an overly technical discussion of the phenomenon of hacking, this work examines the culture of hackers and the technologies they exploit in an easy-to-understand format. Additionally, the book documents how hacking can be applied to engage in various forms of cybercrime, ranging from the creation of malicious software to the theft of sensitive information and frauda€”acts that can have devastating effects upon our modern information society.the time and date of the email, and that Google must provide reasonably requested assistance to help Wiley find and prosecute the party or parties responsible for making the copyrighted material available. This request included sending any information to Wiley that Google had on file regarding the owner of the offending website (Chilling Effects Clearinghouse 2012). ... try to avoid the possibility of a lawsuit by following the DMCAa#39;s a€œtakedowna€ procedure when they receive complaints.

Title:Hackers and Hacking
Author:Thomas J. Holt, Bernadette Hlubik Schell
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2013-07-19


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