Guitar For Beginners

Guitar For Beginners

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Guitar for Beginners - How To Play Guitar - Guitar Basics Play Guitar Once and For All! Having troubles learning your guitar? Don't know a thing about what you are holding in your hands? Wish you could learn some of your favorite songs? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions then you're in the right spot at the right time. Now you can discover guitar and all the fundamental basics it takes to sound good at playing the guitar. You will have all my 41 years of playing and teaching at your disposal nothing left out A to Z. I've taught many students beginners guitar all over the world and now it's your turn to get good at guitar. In this full in depth guitar manual you will learn from the very beginning with your parts, tuning, chords, strumming, songs and more all in one guide. You have full pictures and resources to help you visually learn the chords and strumming patterns. Plus you get my very own YouTube videos that can show you exactly how to learn the songs in the eBook. I organized from the very beginning to learning your first big songs. One of the songs I will be teaching you is a Rolling Stones song a very easy one for beginners to learn. So take a closer look and see the table of contents: = Introduction = Warming up to play = Parts of the guitar = Fret hand and strum hand = Holding your pick/Strum hand = Open strings memorized = Time to tune your guitar = Notes on your fret board / Critical as blood in our bodies or oil in our cars. = Basic Chords and strumming patterns = Keys and Chord progressions = Learn tab my / Best resource revealed here! = Guitar notes = Caring for your guitar = Capo information = Practice tips for musicians = Get ready to finally learn your guitar Make it happen Do it NOW! To your musical happiness, -Timothy B. Miller qGuitar is by far the Greatest Sound I KnowqTo make this easier on youIa#39;ve recordeda video showing how to this manually and with an electronic tuner. The worst thing there is, is a guitar out of tune! See Video Here: ... For example DropD, DropCEb, flatten allyour string downanbsp;...

Title:Guitar For Beginners
Author:Timothy B. Miller
Publisher:Speedy Publishing LLC - 2012-06-04


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