Growth Through Innovation

Growth Through Innovation

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Capitalism produced entrepreneurs and property rights, the two basic pillars of innovation and growth. As the speed of technology is steadily increasing only radical innovation can be the name of the game. This book discusses technology and innovation trends by looking into historical examples and telling the latest business stories. It opens the discourse about pirates, pioneers, innovators and imitators; proposes the framework of dominant, science-driven and high-tech industry for innovation management and gives insights into intellectual property rights, industrial designs and technical risk management. Finally, it offers 8 important innovation principles for technology driven enterprises that have turned out to have a big effect on the outcome a€“ and in the end on growth.In testifying before Congress last year, Mr Anwyl explained that a€œconsumers are happy to pay less, or save fuel, but not if it means ... A market simulation model that Edmunds has developed over the years indicates that fuel efficiency accounts on ... Fuel efficiency only becomes important when petrol prices suddenly start climbing, but then declines in significance when ... Take somewhere in betweena€”say, the $3, 400 premium that Camry hybrid owners pay a€”and any lifetime savingsanbsp;...

Title:Growth Through Innovation
Author:Roman Boutellier, Mareike Heinzen
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2014-02-10


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